Monday, October 5, 2009

I am not going crazy!

Hi Mia,
I have just purchased your book, and although I am only through the first 40 pages, I already have a renewed sense of confidence that I "am not going crazy!"

My "anxiety" began shortly after my son was born in 2006. I would struggle with day to day decisions such as "what are we going to do today" or "what is Jackson (my son) going to wear today?" It would overwhelm me to the point where I would get dizzy, my heart would race, and I would feel this incredible sense of doom upon me.

My Dr. quickly prescribed me Xanax for PPD and I took it for 1 month and started to feel better. I weaned myself off and felt "almost normal" for 2 years.

About 1 year ago, my husband and I started trying for our 2nd child. After about 8 months of no luck, I started tracking my ovulation and realized that I was not ovulating. Quickly, my Dr. started me on clomid with no real explanation of why I may not be ovulating on my own. After two failed clomid attempts, we decided to take a break.

During this time, my anxiety heightened, especially leading up to my period. One day, about a month ago, my legs became tingly, my mind went foggy, and I had my worst panic attack to date.

Back to the Dr. I went, only to be described Zoloft and Xanax again. This only made things worse, as I experienced depression, confusion, and complete nausea from the medicine.

Currently, I am on Welbutrin and although I do not have the side effects, I still feel very anxious. I would like to focus on the "chemical and hormonal balance" that I know I have and also believe this would help with my fertility problems as well.

I will read the rest of your book word for word and hope that it can lead me to the answers I need. At the very least, I feel comforted knowing that there are so many other women out there that are going through the same thing I am!!

Best Regards,